KIDS  CHURCH


TIME:   8:30 A.M.  and  11:00 A.M 

       Parents, does your child think "church" is boring and irrelevant? We have good news for you! At Grace Baptist Church we are committed to presenting the Word of God to boys and girls in the 1st - 5th grades in a life changing way. 

        Our kid-friendly church in many ways resembles the adult service with announcements, songs, offering time, and a Bible study with a whole lot of fun! It is a place where kids like to bring their friends. The message we present is timeless, but the methods we use to share it constantly change in order to be relevant to the culture in which we live.

Through cutting edge technology,  story telling, drama, testimonies,  puppets and a ministry team dedicated to excellence, we are reaching kids for Jesus Christ and teaching them to be productive in the family of God.  Our commission from our Lord Jesus is clear - "Go and make Disciples of all nations, baptizing them, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you..." (Matthew 28:19-20)

        What's up with the name "Backyard" Kids Church? I'm glad you asked!  Years ago a child came up to me and said, "the "Backyard"  that is a funny name to call a church service, what's up with the name?"  I preceded to tell this young fellow that the greatest fun and enjoyment in my childhood happened in my backyard at my home in West Palm Beach, Florida. We had a swimming pool and a large side yard to play. The greatest memories were established when friends were invited over to just have fun together. Therefore, when it was time to name our kids church here in Tullahoma, I wanted kids to experience church in the same way I experienced fun with my friends growing up.  Parents, we do not have time for kids to hate going to church if we want to reach them before the fumes do. You know the fumes: perfume and car fumes. Therefore, we would be honored for you and your family to join us at Grace Baptist Church to learn more about Jesus Christ and His teachings.  And just think,  it is very possible that you will never have to drag your child to church again! 

Pastor  Garry Irvin   


Backyard Kids Church

Story Time With Mrs. Cheryl

October 25, 2020



Backyard Kids Church

April 12, 2020